About LOVA



Aleksandrina Mihaylova is the designer that will encourage you to celebrate each day your beauty and uniqueness by wearing collections with vibrant colors, out-of-the-box design, and authentic femininity. She created this timeless space with the thought of that woman who boldly walks the road to her definition, crossing epochs and time, being able to be what she wants to be: courtesan, queen, girlfriend, mother, boss, dreamer, and entrepreneur. LOVA includes all the women’s vulnerabilities and beauty, her unseen power, whims, and desire to be seen.



LOVA supports bold woman that chooses and wears clothes with attitude, expressing their confidence and personality. The boutique’s interior is not just about fashion; it is our desire to offer those who cross my threshold a respite for themselves, a time capsule in which fantasy and imagination take shape. A suspended time, either in the middle of the day or in the evening, a time when you can receive answers about who you think you are. Maybe you forgot that you can have courage, perhaps you forgot that the details are the ones that totally change not only an outfit but also your way of life, and maybe you forgot to play. Who is our client? She is a city woman, sensual and conscious of her own body, strong, independent, idealistic, ironic, and always open for new experiences.



#Neovintage is the ultimate expression of vintage fashion in a modern way. It is a mix of past and present, beautifully put together in our clothes and accessories to make you feel sensual, confident, and, at the same time, vulnerable. Our capsule collection has a strong personality, with a Victorian charm and contemporary cut. Each piece in the workshop is hand-cut; the inspiration from different historical periods has fascinated her since she was a child. The garments are bold and elegant, versatile and luxurious, obtaining that simplicity so challenging to get: refinement.


Dare to embrace your creative side with our entire selection of clothing —All You Need is LOVA. Dare to start dreaming again…