Payment methods

Lova by Aleksandrina Mihaylova ( offers you the following payment methods:

Payment in cash on delivery

Refund payment is made in full upon delivery of the order. In case of delivery of the products by the couriers, the payment will be made to the commission agent who performs the delivery.

Bank transfer (payment order)

After sending the order, you will receive all the necessary information that must be entered on the payment order. The order is delivered only after the payment confirmation. To speed up the process, please contact us and send us a copy of the payment order.


Online payment

You can make online payment with your personal or your company’s card, in complete security. Payment by card is a secure method because your card data will not be stored by the processor; it will be secured and encrypted.

To make the payment you will enter your card number, expiration date and CVV2 / CVC2 code (the last three digits written on the tape on the back, which also contains your signature).

In order to make a payment, the currency of the account from which the payment takes place must be RON. The online service does not accept currencies other than RON.

Transport and returns

  1. Delivery methods
  2. Product return and replacement policy
  3. In how many days are you allowed to return the products bought online, without explaining why?
  4. Who pays the return, you or the store?
  5. How do you return a product?
  1. Delivery methods

Lova by Aleksandrina Mihaylova ( offers the following delivery methods:

Bucharest / Ilfov – Delivery in 5-6 working days, price 15 RON / delivery.

Province – Delivery in 6-10 working days, price 20 RON / delivery.

FREE delivery for orders over 500 RON!

For international deliveries, transport taxes are applied depending on the country where the delivery will be made, and the payment of the order (including the transport tax) is made in advance through the payment methods provided by For more details please contact us at 0732 01 96 40 or by e-mail at

CAREFUL! uses the electronic invoice! After placing the order, each customer receives on the e-mail address used to place the order the invoice related to his order, and after the electronic confirmation he will receive on the same e-mail address the fiscal invoice related to his purchase with a download link.

  1. Product return and replacement policy, hereinafter referred to as Professional, wants to satisfy every customer, hereinafter referred to as 100% Consumer! We know that this goal is difficult to achieve and that there will be people who will want to return the purchased products. Consequently, please read carefully all the terms and conditions of return and follow all the steps listed below when you want to make a return to our store.

According to the Distance Trade Law (Government Ordinance no. 34/2014) when a Consumer places an online or telephone order with the Professional, this act represents a Distance Contract defined as any contract concluded between the professional and the consumer within a sales system or organized distance provision of services, without the simultaneous physical presence of the professional and the consumer, with the exclusive use of one or more means of distance communication, until and including the moment the contract is concluded.

The moment of concluding the distance contract is the moment of confirmation by the professional of the acceptance of the transmitted order. The professional undertakes to confirm the conclusion of the contract by e-mail to the address provided by the consumer at the latest at the time of delivery of the products.

* The right of return applies only to distance contracts concluded between the professional and the consumer who placed an online or telephone order on the individual.

  1. In how many days are you allowed to return the products bought online, without explaining why?

Within 14 calendar days (10 working days) from the date of receipt of the product. The consumer has the obligation to inform the professional by e-mail during this period at using the Product Return Form regarding his decision to withdraw from the contract, and the professional undertakes to communicate to the consumer by e-mail the confirmation of receipt of the Form.

The consumer returns the products or hands them to the professional with the labels intact and in original packaging without traces of use within 14 calendar days from the date on which he entered into physical possession of the ordered products. The deadline is met if the products are sent back before the expiration of the 14 calendar day period.

  1. Who pays the return, you or the store?

The consumer pays the return (to understand the transport taxes).

Return costs are borne by the professional only if it is proved that the delivered products are defective or have been delivered incorrectly.

* The professional will refuse to receive returns with value that has not been notified in advance and for those sent through the classic service of the Romanian Post, as well as those that have exceeded the period of 14 calendar days for return.

After receiving and inspecting the returned products, the professional replaces the items according to the specifications in the Product Return Form completed by the consumer or refunds the amounts received as payment from him, and, as appropriate, the shipping fee, without undue delay and no more no later than 14 calendar days from the date on which he is informed of the decision to withdraw the consumer from the contract.

Reimbursement of amounts is made only by bank transfer to the IBAN account specified by the consumer in the Product Return Form.

  1. How do you return a product?
  2. Fill in the Product Return Form and send it by e-mail to
  3. Pack the products you want to return! The product in the original packaging must be put in another box so that it does not suffer damage!
  4. Add the signed Return Form to the package.
  5. Send the parcel with the products to the headquarters, Sperantei Street, no. 42, floor 1, room 7, sect. 2, Bucharest.

For more information contact the Lova by Aleksandrina Mihaylova team at 0732 01 96 40 or by e-mail at